Friday, September 2, 2011

Tigers downed by Glenoak 22-21

Tonight, before one of the largest recent non-McKinley game crowds of about 12-13 thousand the Massillon Tigers and Glenoak Golden Eagles played a game that will be talked about for a very long time.  This game ended just like last years contest did, but with Glenoak on the winning end by one point.

Tonights game was filled with a little bit of everything, big plays, half back passes by unlikely suspects, great defense, an onsided kick recovered by the kicking team, ejections, questionable reffereeing, midfield coaches conferences, and one BAD CALL.

The Tigers took the ball first and on the first play of the game connected on a 50 yard strike putting the Tigers into Glenoak territory.  However, as was the case on most drives, the Tigers quickly moved backwards either by penalty or by sack.  Kempt had little time to survey the field as he spent the night under constant pressure.  Massillons first drive would stiffle and Tonn would punt a beauty down inside the 1 yard line.

Glenoak would get on the board first after moving swiftly down the field behind Brionte Dunn (Ohio State Verbal).  The Tigers did a good job of containing what is arguably the best RB in the state of Ohio.  However, Dunn garnered so much respect that Glenoak was able to suck the entire defense towards him on a toss sweep which ended up being a half back pass.  Dunn easily lobbed the TD pass to the endzone for the nights first score.  The kick would be true and Massillon trailed Glenoak 7-0 in the first.

The Tigers would not cave, they came back and answered with a score of their own, Kempt connecting with Montel Harrison for a 28 yard TD.  The Tigers would spend most of the first half in Glenoak territory, but were only able to get 7 points.  A stalled drive in the redzone and a missed FG attempt yielded no points.  Glenoak would tack on a FG to end the half and the Tigers hit the locker room trailing 10-7

Glenoak received the ball to start the half and the Tigers were able to move the ball on the ground behind Ryne Moore and Kentrelle Taylor.  Moore would sprint in to paydirt from 17 yards out giving the Tigers their first lead of the night 14-10.  Less than 2 minutes later the Tigers would strike again on a broken play where Kempt found Tre Hendricks for a 46 yard strike.  Hendricks doing much of the work down field to make the TD possible.  The Tigers lead 21-10 with :50 left in the 3rd.

At this point, Glenoak took over or should i say Dunn took over.  Like a man possessed, Glenoak time after time handed the ball to Dunn who pounded forward for 3 yards, then 5 yards, then 10 yards battering the tired Tiger defense.  Dunn would eventually strike from 12 yards out after a 12 play drive which included him toting the ball 10 times.  Tigers lead shrinks to 21-16 following the failed 2 pt attempt.

The Tigers would get the ball back with 6:00 left in the 4th and an opportunity to wear down some clock, but a quick 3 and out on passes wasted little clock and the ball was punted back to GO.  A bad situation for the Tigers as they were about to feel another Dunn pounding.  This one would be quick an most painful.  Dunn would take the 3 carry of this drive would result in Dunn going 56 yds for TD and a 22-21 lead for the Eagles.

The fourth quarter and final drive of the game would bring about contreversy as Dunn was stripped of the ball with one minute remaining in the game.  The Tigers would recover and the call would then be overturned on an "Inadvertant Whistle".  Scroll down the page to check out the photo of the play and You Be The Judge.  Can't hear the whistle in the photo, but it is my opinion that there is no reason a whistle should be blowing at this stage of the play.  This game was not lost for the Tigers on this play, but an opportunity to WiN may have been taken from them.

This was a great game to watch and great for the kids to participate in.  It had it's contreversy, but it will make these Tigers stronger in the future in my opinon.  Massillon may get the opportunity to see Glenoak again in the playoffs.

The atmosphere tonight was great and in my opinion points to what is great about Stark County football.  Massillon should be playing Glenoak, Perry, North Canton, Jackson, etc. EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!

Go Tigers!!

Beat MAUMEE!!!